If you want fresh, tasty water for your office or business, we have just the solution for you: a bottleless water cooler system. Our water cooler rental services allow you to provide clean drinking water to your workers and customers on an unlimited basis. A bottleless water cooler setup offers a range of benefits to Denver, CO businesses including:

  • A consistent water supply without having to set up a delivery schedule
  • More free space when you get rid of water bottles
  • No jugs on the cooler awaiting replacement 

Filling a bottle using bottle-less water cooler for office.Glasses of water on the table during the meeting | Bottle-less water cooler for office.A up-to-date bottle-less water cooler for office.  People enjoying water from bottle-less water cooler for office.

Benefit from Our Bottleless Water Cooler Rental Service

Bottleless water cooler rental can result in significant cost savings for your business. In fact, the price of a water filtration system and water dispenser starts at just around $1 per day so you don’t have anything to lose. Rather, these systems save Denver, CO companies as much as 70% when compared to bottled water delivery. 

Furthermore, you would get instant hot or cold water while reducing the amount of plastic waste you generate. Bottleless water cooler rental also gives you a solution which contains fewer contaminants than regular bottled water dispensers. It also helps that the systems are sleek and stylish! We have a wide variety of high-performance office water dispensers and we know we can find one which meets your needs.

Contact Us for Bottleless Water Cooler Installation for Your Office

With a bottleless water cooler installation from Great American Coffee Company, you get a dedicated account manager, customized delivery schedules, and a free water tasting event. Our water filtration systems are low-maintenance, yet they remove more than 500 contaminants from the water including chlorine, rust, and dirt. This premium water keeps your employees healthy and hydrated.

We are the best provider of bottleless water cooler installation services in Denver, CO. Our company serves businesses in or near the Denver metro area including Englewood, Greenwood Village, Aurora, Westminster, Thornton, Arvada, Commerce City, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Centennial areas. Call us at 303-922-4383 to get the best solution for your needs.

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