Products overview

Office Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottle water dispenserPure drinking water makes everything taste better, and is better for you.

Our Office Bottled Water Dispensers provide delicious hot and cold high quality drinking water conveniently supplying wet bars, coffee makers, and ice makers.

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Bottleless Water Dispensers

Water coolersSave time, money, waste, eliminate storage hassles, and potential water bottle carrying risks.

Select Stand-Up or Counter-Top water dispensers for a convenient, low cost, and uninterrupted supply of purified drinking water. Hot and cold water on demand, and no hassle!

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Water Filters

home water girlWe install home Reverse Osmosis Water Filters for the highest quality and best tasting purified water right at home.

With an under-the-sink home water filtration system, only the spigot is visible at the sink. Both high quality nickel finish or custom finish are available.

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Restaurant Water Filtration

Single water glassPureWater Dynamics’ water filtration systems are designed specifically for the drinking water, ice making, and food preparation needs of food service establishments of any size.

We accommodate Discrete or Centralized Systems to feed your beverage systems, water cooler dispenser, ice makers, coffee machines, steamers, dishwashers, and drinking water filling stations, and provide regular service and a free preventative maintenance program so you never have to worry about your water quality.

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Health Grade Water

Health grade waterEnagic Systems’ Kangen Health Water ionizing machines produce five types of pH water, including health grade Kangen water with a pH of 8.5-9.5 that is excellent for drinking, cooking, pets, and more, as well as ‘beauty’ water at 4.0-6.0 pH that is ideal for hygienic and beauty purposes.

Enagic Systems’ Kangen Health Water machines also create very high quality cleaning water for use in food preparation, dish cleaning, stain removal, etc. Strong Acidic Water is also available for use as an effective disinfectant without the need for harmful chemicals.

Let PureWater Dynamics help you determine the best model for your needs.

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Industrial Water Filtration

Industrial water filtrationPureWater Dynamics can design and maintain the most appropriate Water Filtration System for your facility within a unique range of purification and filtration levels that meets your needs.

Our systems deliver and maintain consistent levels of water purity within specific tolerances, for bio-tech manufacturing, hospitals, medical, and laboratories facilities.

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Autoclave Steam Sterilizers

Autoclave steam sterrilizerOur Autoclave Steam Sterilizers utilize Reverse Osmosis (RO)/Deionizing System technology. They comply with strict autoclave application requirements to sterilize medical tools, devices, waste, and can virtually eliminate most contaminants.

Combining reverse osmosis, which removes up to 99.9% of undesirable contaminants from municipal water with deionization results in the highest purified water quality available for laboratory-grade applications.

Our systems are low-maintenance and are typically installed out-of-sight, under a counter or cabinet at the water source.

Please note: PureWater Dynamics supplies and services the water filtration feed, but DOES NOT provide, or service autoclaves or any other medical devices.

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