When you have a need to make just one cup at a time, the large commercial coffee machine isn't always a viable solution. Single serve coffee machines are designed for just this situation. They are easy to use and clean because they are smaller and use just enough to make a single cup. Their size is an additional bonus as they are stored in very compact boxes.

Your choice of coffee makers should be based on your needs and preferences. If you like the choice of using a high quality gourmet coffee, you may want to consider the kind that uses regular ground coffee and a filter. This type of single service coffeemakers is not really that much different that their larger pot based cousins, except that they make only one cup rather than an entire pot.

The pod coffee makers are another type of one cup coffee maker. These are typically designed a bit different and use pre-packaged coffee pods put into a special receptacle in the machine. The pods are sold in many flavors, degrees of roast and sealed to keep fresh, using the same idea as the one pot pouch delivered with most office coffee services.

One issue many customers have is that there currently is no standard for manufacturing these coffee pods, so that the coffee pod is not usually interchangeable between single serve coffee machines. Even so, for certain situations these one cup coffee makers provide a convenient solution. The Keurig single cup coffee maker, Bunn MyCafe and Nescafe Dolce Gusto are a few of the popular brands.

One additional note to make is that some, like the Bunn MyCafe, is compatible with coffee pods available from many different manufacturers. This is what's known as an open system machine.

So, if you're only making one or two cups and you're in a hurry, single serve coffee machines may be an answer for your office.

Review out our Commercial Grade Pod Coffee Maker.

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