One Cup Coffee Makers Make Inroads in Office Coffee

There are several kinds of one cup coffee makers. One of the benefits people like is the way that the coffee is brewed right into the thermal carafe, preserving the flavors and keeping the coffee hot. What you have is a semi-automatic process, where all you do is add water and drop in the coffee pod.

The coffee is made very quickly once you add the pod and the coffee maker is started. Probably the best fit for this type of system is for someone that doesn’t drink a lot of coffee and doesn’t have anyone to share a pot with.

The problem comes from trying to figure out what type to use. Fortunately for businesses that have a need in addition to their regular coffee service or for those who like to order their supplies online, one cup coffee makers can be a reasonable solution.

Small offices and single people who don’t share their machine with others find a one cup coffee maker very useful. An advantage of a one cup coffee maker is that a cup of coffee can be brewed in about a minute or less.

There is a wide variety of different types of vending coffee machines on the market. Usually, environmental factors are the best to evaluate. Of course there are price and durability comparisons between brands.

In addition, ask yourself what will be the total cost over time? You may find that depending on your use patterns, you might consider a single cup drip brewer may do the trick. Another thing to consider when evaluating ongoing cost is to evaluate purchasing a permanent filter rather than continually using those throw away paper filters.

If space is an issue, review the dimensions and find one that fits your work space and is easy to maintain. Some offer thermal pot alternatives for a slightly higher price, but the coffee can stay hot for hours which could be an advantage in your situation.

Some prefer to bring their one cup coffee maker with them when they travel or even to and from work. This is very convenient for offices that don’t offer an office coffee service. 

Bottom line, you’ll want to shop around and compare prices and brands. There are many styles, colors and features. Go online. There are a wide variety of sites offering one cup coffee makers. In my experience, read the reviews and then compare those with the features and pricing. If you find one you like, try and find it at a local store so that you can see how well it’s made. Then, if you want, go back online and make your purchase.

If you decide to use an office coffee service like the Great American Coffee Company, you can get a free coffee machine with your service or purchase your office coffee online.

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