The way office coffee machines work is pretty much the same as residential models, they are just more consistent and heavier duty. The water is boiled or brought just to the boiling point (plus or minus 200 degrees F) in a separate compartment and then fed over the coffee grounds.

As the water travels through the coffee, the flavors and oils in the ground coffee beans are extracted and flow through some type of filter membrane and then into the receptacle. The grounds remain behind trapped behind a filter while the liquid coffee passes through to the business coffee machine.

We call this drip coffee, which is one of the better ways to brew high quality Gourmet office coffee. Percolators are seldom used for specialty coffees as the continued boiling tends to burn the coffee and harm the delicate oils resulting in a burnt tasting coffee.

The French Press coffee maker, where 200 degree water is poured over freshly ground coffee and let steep for 4 minutes, then pressed with a screen separating the grounds from the liquid coffee pushing the grounds to the bottom of the carafe and keeping it there while the coffee is poured. The quality of French Pressed coffee is very high because the steeping enables the complex flavors in the beans to experience maximum extraction without burning.

Always be sure to use fresh filtered water so that you're not fighting the chemicals and chlorine in municipal tap water. Office coffee machines are usually fed directly by a water spigot so that water contamination is reduced and the hassles of constantly filling the reservoir is eliminated.

Office coffee machines are an excellent investment as they are built to ensure the brewed coffee is made consistently time after time after time to provide you with a professional level gourmet coffee service right at work. These machines are easy to work with and can be operated by a novice. They are also very easy to maintain. Cleaning is a breeze and they almost never break down. The good news is that your office coffee machines are included with your office coffee service, which includes maintenance and periodic cleaning.

When you consider the requirements and demand put on a professional office coffee maker or cafeteria brewer, serving possibly hundreds of people and delivering thousands of cups of coffee each year, it's one of those office equipment supplies that you never have to worry about.

Check out some of the styles of coffee machines offered through the office coffee service provide by the Great American Coffee Company serving Colorado businesses with fresh roasted coffee and all of the office kitchen supplies you'd expect. In addition, you get the personalized service that only a family run business can provide.

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