OCS companies have not been known for their high quality gourmet office coffee services. In fact, most deserve that reputation. The Great American Coffee Company is unique in this regard. Our company has imported the highest quality coffees from around the world. We use exotic high quality coffees from Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil and many other countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Our Master Roaster has more than twenty years working with coffee from the growing stage to harvesting, processing taste testing and roasting. The coffees we offer to our clients are unique and match the highest quality special gourmet coffees available anywhere on the market and in the best coffee cafes.

As a service, ordering online coffee enables you to receive your office coffee quickly and fresh from the roaster, not from some storage warehouse used by all major vending companies. In addition, you can order some of the best gourmet teas on the market including Tazo tea, Celestial Seasonings, luizianne Teas, and a host of juices and hot drinks to get you through this cold winter.

Typically, OCS businesses have not been regarded highly as coffee providers, mostly because they don't roast their own coffees and usually offer lower grade office coffees. Now you can buy online your office coffee direct from a gourmet coffee roaster who focuses exclusively on providing the best office coffeeto business across the country.

Here are some key cities we ship to across the United States:

  • Coffee Service Denver
  • Coffee Service San Diego
  • Coffee Service DallasCoffee Service Houston
  • Coffee Service Los Angeles
  • Coffee Service Maryland
  • Coffee Service Michigan
  • Coffee Service New York
  • Coffee Service Seattle
  • Coffee Service Chicago

When you have visitors to your office, you'll be able to give them a great gourmet coffee with a lot of aroma and without that bitter taste. Soon, rather than drinking soft drinks and juices, you'll find everyone getting their morning pick up drinking a gourmet cofee you can be proud of.

The fact is that OCS technology in the past ten years has come a long way. We've got ten different gourmet blends to suite every coffee taste.

  • Cafe Colorado is a blend of the best South American and African coffees, medium roasted.
  • Breakfast Blend is designed as a morning brew that includes Central and South American coffee beans.
  • Frontier Blend is another office favorite with a lighter roast giving that classic flavor.
  • House Blend is the most popular and includes complex and aromatic flavors with a smooth body.
  • European Blend has the fruity highlights and flowery aroma that stems from its African coffees.
  • Colombian Blend is 100% Colombian that gives a traditional taste our father and mother enjoyed.
  • Mocha Java has more exotic sharp fruity beans combines with the exotic Ethiopian Harar coffees.
  • French Roast is our darkest roast with a full body rich, intense and has smoky flavors.
  • Brazilian Blend is another dark roast with highlights of fruity overtones.
  • Roaster's Decaf is so good you won't believe it's decaffeinated.

Why not try a few and experience what coffee should taste like. You're only a couple of clicks away. Go ahead and order some right now.

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