One thing for sure, at work more people like coffee than not, but often don't really think about the commercial coffee maker used in their office. Popular brands like Krups Coffee Makers, as well as Bunn and Newco have become common names in the business coffee community. Cappuccino coffee makers, on the other hand, tend to be problematic at work because they often require expertise and require extensive cleaning.

For small offices or businesses in out of the way locations where an office coffee service supplier is not available to deliver coffee and kitchen supplies, purchasing your own equipment is often a requirement. Most companies find that a commercial grade coffee maker enables them to reduce maintenance issues substantially.

For those with a reputable office coffee company within their service area, you can usually get a commercial coffee machine included at no charge with your service. The Great American Coffee Company provides office coffee makers with their monthly service to businesses in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins and all locations in between.

Food service coffee customers also receive commercial coffee machines with their business coffee delivery service. The benefit is that included is the maintenance and regular cleaning of these machines on a regular basis or even during each delivery. Sometimes a business will require a single cup brewer or a vending coffee machine. In either case the customer receives their coffee machine maintenance free.

In regards to Bunn coffee makers, the quality and durability cannot be beat. Both low profile coffee makers and in-line coffee maker systems are designed to fit the desired location. These units have electronic indicator lights so you always know the stage of brewing. Multi-pot and dual volume capability enables these units to meet just about any requirement.

Air Pot units enable the coffee to be brewed and then distributed around the office in the visitor area, conference room or individual office. Telescoping units accommodate a variety of thermal dispenser sizes. Most units are also water fed so that you never need to fill the reservor.

For very large offices, conference rooms, restaurants or hotels, you can use automatic twin 3 gallon coffee urns. These have an adjustable by-pass system which gives an operator the ability to adjust the strength of the coffee to bring out its natural robust flavors and fully body taste.

For Cafeteria coffee machines Bunn also makes a double brewer that brews coffee very fast. The user can choose the amount of coffee desired by using a simple multi brew switch. These units provide a three gallon capacity in a side by side system.

Office vending machines are also available in sizes to fit a typical office. The Colibri LS Brewer is just such a machine. It sits only around 30 inches high, 16 inches wide and 20 inches deep; and uses 110 power supply. For those who want a vending unit that produces cup at a time Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate and Cafe Latte, this would be a good fit.

The proven technology of these commercial coffee machines enables them to make coffee usually within three minutes. The Great American Coffee Company provides these types of coffee makers to businesses in Colorado. You'll find a sample of our coffee makers by going to

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