Know What You Need

For gourmet office coffee users, the need is typically for several types of office coffee makers. These are the perfect appliance for offices that want to reduce the time and effort required to make fresh coffee multiple times per day, whether by the cup or pot. Even so, the decision to choose from the various types can be daunting.

Let’s look at some of the issues you’ll need to consider before you decide on the best office coffee makers for your office.

Are Brand Names Important?

Normally, this isn’t an issue as a professional coffee service company will be using the highest quality coffeemakers available, which are most often commercial name brand brewers. These machines have proven themselves over time and are designed to withstand the rigors of office coffee use. Their reputation has been proven and they hold up to constant use. Since your service company will be maintaining these systems, they wouldn’t put in a coffee maker that requires undo repair and maintenance. Some of these brands may not be familiar to a consumer, but are well recognized by the business coffee community.

Manufacturer Considerations

Proven manufacturers will have classic designs that are proven in the marketplace. They have a long history and experience gained over a long period of time that has enabled them to work out any bugs and problems that may occur with newer designs. Even so, they provide several models to choose from ranging from single use to very large  business coffee machines. Newer machines are typically improvements in design or added features of earlier models so that the original functional components are still proven designs.

Proven Experience

While there isn’t a machine on the market that will satisfy every user, with the numerous and varying designs, usually there will be one or more cofeemakers that will meet your needs. Each machine offered will have a large positive following of satisfied customers currently using that model, proving its reliability and functionality. You can be assured that any flaws have been resolved long before set up at your office. One of the best ways to ensure that the brewer is right for your business is to try it out. If it doesn’t satisfy your needs, with an office coffee service, you’ll be able to quickly swap out the unit for another that will more closely meet your office needs.

Coffee Service and Support

For most businesses, the worst situation is subscribing to a coffee service company that delays the repair or maintenance of a problem. Be sure to determine whether or not your service provider has 24 hour on-call service technicians and weekend emergency service. You don’t want to have to wait for days to get your system repaired if it happens to have gotten knocked over, causing a leak or other problem. When you have a problem, you want the company to stand behind their service and fix it pronto! You’ll find that some companies base their entire business on providing cheap products, while the companies with the best reputation, base their business on excellent customer service and have the reputation for it. Be sure that you have an emergency phone number to call… just in case. You’ll find that this is the most important part of choosing a  coffee makers for your office coffee service.

So, once you know the features you’re looking for, be sure that the company has a reputation for superior service as well.

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