Online Coffee Vending Selection

When choosing an online coffee vending company the coffee machine is often the key to a successful relationship. Your typical home coffee maker is way too inadequate for the high volume use in an office environment. One choice is a coffee vending machine, especially when the employees in the office have a wide variety of preferences and few employees willing to take the responsibility for maintaining the traditional office coffee brewer. In fact, locations that find a coffee vending unit to be ideal, in addition to a business office, include churches, special events, shopping stores, kiosks, etc.

Since your vending machine will be leased, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or resupplying the contents. In short order, you will know the best frequency for restocking and once that’s determined, you’ll be worry free, knowing that it will be maintained and stocked at all times. If you happen to have an overflow of users, you can always just call the service number and your vending machine will be restocked in short order.


  • The best and most common units will typically have these characteristics:
  • The machine will dispense a wide variety of choices in one cup capacities.
  • Not too large so that it is easily moved as needed. Tabletop models are often the most flexible.
  • Vendor options will include a traditional vending style unit and a smaller pod coffee machine which limits offerings to coffee only, but saves a lot on space.


In a typical office coffee service is often used in the lobby, boardroom, kitchen and large offices. Each of these locations can be optimized by using the most appropriate type of coffee maker. There are multi-pot pour over brewers, large cafeteria brewers, telescoping air pot, multi-gallon coffee urns, and coffee vending machines, each designed to serve a specific purpose, volume and location.

Selecting the right location will be in harmony with the office traffic and existing congregation areas of the office. So be sure to choose areas where people are already spending time. This way you will be piggybacking on the existing social structure. If you are charging per cup or asking for a donation, you’ll be more likely to help pay for the service by those appreciating it most. You can experiment with this in the beginning, but if you are using machines that have filtered water directly piped in, you’ll need to evaluation your options thoroughly prior to installation of your coffee machines.

For locations with a high volume users, renting equipment is a much better option as maintenance with production machines is a requirement. If you’re going to buy gourmet coffee from a coffee service company, the maintenance is included with the service and you never have to worry about it. Even the carafes will be cleaned and exchanged when necessary. Eliminating these worries and hassles is the main reason businesses lease the equipment instead of buying it.

When working with the Great American Coffee Company and PureWater Dynamics, your coffee machines are included with your coffee service for free, based on a conservative minimum quantity of coffee used each month.