How to Choose A Coffee Vending Machine

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Let’s Start The Day Right

As we all know, coffee in the morning at work is a great way to start the day. Even so, not everyone has the time to brew a fresh cup every morning and so many offices, in addition to fresh brewed drip coffee, have a small coffee vending machine for easy access by employees. Depending on the office environment, these can be the best office coffee makers for a particular situation.

Employee Satisfaction

Companies with an eye for employee satisfaction make sure that they provide a vending machine that makes high quality office coffee to any employee at any time of the day. You know that your staff will appreciate having several options in the morning from brewed coffee to vending coffee to tea and hot chocolate. Besides, this way your staff isn’t spending time at the local coffee shop, but rather are contributing to the goals of the business.

Pod coffee makers also provide some of the selection options as an office coffee machine. These sealed foil capsules keep fresh and so are also worth inquiring about with your coffee service provider. These ‘fresh brew’ systems can provide a great ‘on-demand’ cup of coffee.

Coffee Vending Options

For some office environments, freshly ground coffee using standard brewers just isn’t a practical solution for many reasons, i.e., office size, available facilities or employee preferences. A coffee vending machine requires no skills to operate and are free of cleaning and maintenance, as your coffee service company provides those services.

When the only practical option is using instant coffee, hot chocolate, etc., a coffee vending machine can be a life saver as the quality is high and options are numerous. Your employees will save time and no one has to be assigned to monitor the system or make the morning brew.

Coffee vending machines come in several types and sizes. Typically, an office kitchen will require a table top model rather than the larger free standing types. These are especially good for meeting rooms and small office kitchens. These machines are extremely useful for most offices and, from an investment standpoint, they are very cost effective.

Quality Service is the Key

The key, as in all office services, is to use a quality vendor that is expert in coffee and service. The Great American Coffee Company is a local Colorado coffee roaster and office service provider. As such, they know coffee and use only the best equipment when providing customers with a coffee vending machine. You’ll want your equipment to run effectively at any time of the day and you’ll want a service provider that is on call 24/7 just in case, on that rare occasion, you have a problem. For many, running out of coffee is like a car running out of gas.

The reputation of the Great American Coffee Company and its parent, PureWater Dynamics has a high reputation with businesses all along the Colorado front range communities. With twenty-five years of experience delivering office coffee and water purification services, you won’t find another business that will give you the custom treatment you should expect to receive from a reliable company. You won’t have to worry about getting low-quality equipment or service.

High quality vending machines will always provide hot, fresh brewed coffee with a flavor that you expect. These machines will give you just the right combination of coffee, sugar and cream with several options to meet every taste.

Choosing the right coffee service and the right coffeemakers can enhance your office support services and keep your employees alert, from their morning cup to their afternoon pick-me-up, your staff will remain productive.

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