What Coffee Brewer Should I Choose?

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Good, Best, Better

Those who need their caffeine fix at work will agree that a good coffee machine can make all the difference. At the office most will agree that the Newco, Bunn and Colibri offer some of the best equipment for business coffee. There are a lot of good commercial coffee brewers on the market, but when choosing the best office coffee makers for consistent and dependable high volume use, these machines will last a long time without problems. Even so, within these brands there are many styles to choose from.

Your Best Choice?

The best choice is almost always to choose business coffee machines that best meet your office’s immediate needs. Your options include low-profile, in-line, telescoping, cafeteria style, coffee urn, vending machines and pod single brew models.

Drip Coffee

Standard drip coffee is the most common and brews coffee consistently for those who drink a lot of coffee. Typically, 12 – 14 cup capacity works for most office kitchens. In addition, there are numerous styles that will fit just about every kitchen. These coffee machines are also the most economical for those watching expenses…and who isn’t these days?

Espresso & Cappuccino

Stronger brews, like espresso and cappuccino, are more for the connoisseur, who wants that one cup in the morning or just after lunch, but as equipment can be expensive for such minimal use, most offices don’t opt for this one. The coffee is produced via steam pressure rather than gravity. Even so, it is a good option for a small office or in an individual office area. Those who prefer a strong concentrated flavor either straight as with an espresso or diluted for cappuccino will want this option.

Large Brewers

Telescoping work well in the lobby or conference room where water feed systems are not available and where the kitchen isn’t close by. The other larger cafeteria and urns are great for large conference rooms and churches where there will be a lot of coffee served within a short time.

Single Brew Coffee Machines

When you have a small office or infrequent visitors, then commercial grade pod coffeemakers can work quite well as each person can have a customized cup. These tend to be used with flavored coffees since the coffee won’t be fresh roasted. But, for a sweet caffeine fix, they can satisfy quite well. These work with a premade one-cup pod that encases the coffee which is then placed into a basket and closed. The water then automatically generates just the right amount of hot water for a single cup. When infrequent drinking is the norm, a single cup pod coffee machine will keep you from making a whole pot and just having it sit there most of the day, so if you have few employees who want their caffeine fix only periodically throughout the day, these are a good solution.

Be sure to determine your needs before ordering your coffee machine and you and your office workers will be able to enjoy fresh brewed coffee throughout the day, keeping everyone caffeinated for high productivity!

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