Business Coffee Service Can Save Time and Money

Business Coffee Service

Choosing The Right Business Coffee Service

Companies utilize a Business Coffee Service for a variety of reasons. The main one is most likely the convenience of having an employee spend their valuable time stocking and maintaining the coffee supplies and coffee makers. But, often access to local, high quality roasted gourmet coffee is viewed as an employee benefit that boosts morale and productivity at the office. Taken together with the advantage of using a cost-effective Office Coffee Service can make the decision an easy one.

Commercial coffee makers are expensive and your home coffee maker just won’t stand up to the amount of use it will get in your office kitchen. Your business coffee provider should also be able to hook up a water filter and feed your coffee machines in order to provide the best tasting brew. Here are some of the benefits you should receive from your office coffee service:

Commercial Grade Coffee Makers

Based on the number of employees and the number of cups of coffee served each day, you’ll be able to get an idea of the annual use based on the number of pots you’ll need brewed to meet demand in the office. Even a minimum of two to three pots per day will quickly wear out your typical home coffee brewer. Of course, the opposite extreme would be to have a restaurant capacity machine unless you are considering one for your company cafeteria. Typically, each floor of a typical office will have an office kitchen where a certain number of employees have access. Machines of this type can cost quite a few hundreds of dollars or even thousands, not to count the periodic maintenance that will be required to keep them running perfectly.

A professional office coffee service will include the coffee makers with a minimum purchase of coffee and supplies. This can save a lot of money.

Access to Fresh Gourmet Office Coffees

You’ll find two types of coffee service companies, ones that purchase their coffee in bulk from large commercial roasters and those, typically local companies, that roast their own coffee. For those who really care about the quality of the coffee they are purchasing, the fresher the better when it comes to coffee. A local roaster will provide a gourmet coffee that is far superior to any pre-made, pre-ground coffee that’s been warehoused, bagged or canned for several weeks or months.

The good news is that you won’t be paying any more for the coffee you buy from a coffee service provider than you would at your local grocery store or coffee shop. In fact, you’ll most likely pay less and it will come in one-pot pouches which will keep the coffee fresher that when provided in bulk packages.

How About the Cost Using a Business Coffee Service?

You’ll save time and money by not having to have an employee constantly go out shopping for coffee, filters, cups, sugar, creamers, etc. Your coffee service company will maintain your inventory and provide maintenance on a predetermined basis. You should also be able to call if you run out and have supplies replaced when necessary.

The ease of use will also save you time and money. Since an office coffee comes in pre-measured one pot pouches, you won’t have to measure or scoop the coffee with each pot made. Since you can request the strength of the coffee and order the pouch size you prefer, you’ll maintain consistency in your brew and manage your costs. Even better, your coffee will taste better since it won’t be getting stale sitting around in a large container.

Although single service systems are a bit more expensive, the convenience of being able to make only one cup or having more of a variety of coffees available can be an advantage for some. Many companies use both systems. This can come in handy when just a few employees are working late in the day.

Maintenance and Repair

Don’t overlook the cost of maintenance and repair on your coffee equipment used in your office kitchen. Coffee makers need regular maintenance to keep them running without problems and the coffee tasting excellent.

A coffee service should ensure everything is in good running order and clean with each visit to your facility. Typically, if you have a problem with breakage or if the equipment is in need of repair, your service provider should be able to respond within twenty-four hours, if not the same day; even on weekends.

Normal maintenance and repairs should be included in the cost of your monthly coffee service, so you will save quite a bit of money in this area.

Check out what’s available in your area. You may find that a business Coffee Service will not only save you time and money, but provide your people a real employee benefit that most will enjoy.

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