Choosing the Right Business Coffee Machine

Getting it Right

It certainly can get confusing when choosing the right business coffee machine. It really depends on the right office coffee service that will meet the needs within your office, together with the number of employees you expect to be using that particular machine. You may need several stations to support the size of your office or to handle several different floors and office kitchens. Even so, your vendor should be able to adjust your service to fit your business coffee service needs.

Other factors include the number of conference rooms you have, waiting rooms, client visits, meetings, etc. In some locations you’ll have access to water that can be directly fed to the coffee brewers, while in others, you’ll need a thermos style dispenser.

Large Business Coffee Services

With large companies you’ll have to consider all of these factors. In addition, you’ll want to estimate how much coffee will be consumed in any day, week and month. This is especially true if this is the first time you’ve had a business coffee service. While having several stations can be useful, if access to water is a problem, you can consider a larger capacity or multi-carafe machine(s).

Initially you may want to survey your employees to determine how many total cups you expect will be consumed in any one day. Coffee makers can also have hot water dispensers for making hot chocolate, soups, teas and other beverages. If cappuccino or espresso is in great demand along with flavored coffees, then a vending machine could be a wise choice.

Once you know how many cups of coffee will typically be consumed, you’ll be in a better position to choose the style, type and volume capacity of the equipment under consideration. Machines have capacity limits, so when the company uses, say 350 cups of coffee per day, then you’ll want to make sure that the business coffee machine or machines you require will be able to brew enough capacity to handle your requirements. The benefit of using a commercial coffee service is that the best office coffee makers are designed to handle that kind of volume, which your typical home coffee maker is not.

Typical Coffee Machines

Most machines will have a large water reservoir so that you can immediately brew another carafe without having to refill the machine. In addition, these types will handle one, two or three warming stations, keeping up to three pots of coffee hot to eliminate waiting for the next pot to be made.

Note that a commercial coffee service includes delivery and stocking of all of the related coffee supplies, including filters, cups, creamers, sugars, napkins and stir sticks; pretty much everything you could ask for. Also, our company provides cocoa, tea and soups which can be made just by adding the hot water produced by the coffee maker itself.

How to Get Started

So, in order to choose the right system for your business, survey your employees to determine what they would consume on a regular basis and calculate the number of cups they will drink so that you get an office coffee service that’s a match. If you’ve never used a service like this before, just taking a little bit of your time will save you a lot of hassles going forward and get you the exact service you need.